moto x4 2017 model


Moto X4: Motorola smartphone you should buy in 2018

Motorola’s Moto X range was once the company’s main range of mobile phones and then it made way for the Moto Z range. But the Moto X wasn’t finished and now it’s back with the new Moto X4.

Motorola have remained very tight-lipped about the new Moto X4, revealing very little about the new handset. But of course it’s impossible to keep a secret nowadays and plenty of details have leaked out.

The Moto X4 takes the elements of the previous models of the Moto X phones. And takes a giant leap into the present day, being like a combination of Moto Play and Moto Style.

Motorola know how to make cutting edge mobile devices and the new Moto X4 shows they still have the nous to create phones which can leave users gobsmacked.


What to expect from the Moto X4

The Motorola Moto X4 is an all metal phone and slimline in design, making it both robust and stylish. It has a large home button on the front of the device with an embedded fingerprint sensor for added security.  Forward and backward facing camera lens as you’d expect from any current, modern mobile device.

Motorola Moto X4

The phone has an IP68 rating which protects it against water, sand and dirt, making it an ideal phone for most conditions.

It has a 5.2 inch HD screen with 3D Glass. The resolution of the device is nothing short of impressive and is comfortable to hold, the screen being slightly curved.

The screen also has the usual onscreen buttons that users of previous Motorola X models will be familiar with. You can read more about features here.

The Moto X4’s camera is a little different to other models

motorola x4 camera

It has a dual camera system, but both lenses are inside one single unit on the back of the phone, rather than the conventional way of having two different image sensors.

The camera resolution is 12-13 megapixels which is the same resolution as the newest Moto Z phone. It also has an LED flash. The front facing camera is a standard 5 megapixels offering and will also have a flash.

Motorola’s  X4 has 3GB of RAM and includes 32GB of on board storage. There are also rumors of a deluxe version which would see the memory increase to 4GB and 64GB respectively.

That’s a very impressive amount of memory. The phone’s processor is a Snapdragon 660 and its battery is a 3,800mAh version with Quick Charge facility making it long lasting and removing the headache of charging time that many other mobile phones cause.

Obviuosly, the Moto X4 has an Android operating system.

New Moto X4 Smartphone


Moto X4 price

No official price information has been given for the Moto X4 yet, but based on the price of the most recent models it is expected to retail at around the £250-£300 mark which compares quite favorably with other models currently on the market and is very affordable for a modern handset.

It might not be the company’s flagship phone and that accounts for the reasonable price, but it certainly has all the elements of a flagship device.

While Motorola might be playing their cards close to their chest with the Moto X4 it is shaping up to be a highly desirable model. It is very similar to the more recent Moto Z models and shows that the Moto X brand is still alive and well.

With Moto Z being Motorola’s flagship brand it means that this new Moto X4 model will be much more affordable and yet it offers some fantastic features that will leave users very impressed with what they are getting for their money. We will keep update regards the price in different regions and you can read it here.

If you are interested to find out more about Motorola X4 model, you can find more info on official page.