Moto X4 Features: What to expect from the new Motorola X4

moto x4 features

Motorola’s new Moto X4 will hit stores soon, proving that the line didn’t die and make way for the Moto Z range. It is an exciting handset which compares favourably with the latest Moto Z models. Motorola has proven once again that they know how to make fantastic mobile phones. Read on to find out all about Moto X4 features.

Exciting Moto X4 features

The Moto X4 is very sleek and slimline and looks like a mixture of the Moto Play and Moto Style. The casing is metal and there are bezels either side of the screen offering it great protection. The model also has IP68 protection against water, dust and sand. There’s no doubt that robustness was at the heart of their design process – many people have dropped their phone accidentally and caused damage to it and this model should withstand tougher punishment than other models of mobile phone currently on the market.

Moto X4 Screen, Battery and Memory

The screen itself is 5.2 inches HD and has 3D glass giving it a high resolution whilst also making it comfortable to hold. It contains the onscreen buttons that are familiar to Motorola Moto X users and there is a large home button at the bottom of the screen that has a fingerprint scanner embedded into it.

The phones battery is a 3,880mAh version with Quick Charging meaning that you should not encounter the poor battery life problems that are synonymous with many mobile phones these days.

Memory-wise there is 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage although there is speculation that there might well be two models of the Moto X4 and that the other will have 4GB of RAM and a colossal 64GB of storage.

The Moto X4 has a Snapdragon 660 processor and inbuilt Android operating system as is fairly standard for Moto X and Moto Z models. The phone has a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone port.


Probably the best feature Camera

Possibly the best of the Moto X4 features relate to the camera. It has both forward and rear facing lenses, but there are some additional features too. The front facing lens is 5 megapixels and has a flash which is unusual, but it’s the rear facing lens which is most impressive. Or should I say lenses? Because there are two housed within one circular unit I the back which offer 12 megapixels resolution and are helped along by an LED flash. This is one of the best cameras currently available on a mobile device.

Release date and price

The release date for the Moto X4 has been pushed back several times and its current ETA is June 30th, although this could be subject to change. Price information is also unknown, but based on the most recent Moto Z release it is expected to fall in between £250 and £300 making it comparatively cheap when you look at other handsets.

The Moto X4 features and amazing array of functions could run the new MotoZ very close in a battle for supremacy.