Moto X4 Review: What you need to know before buying the X4

Moto X4 Review

Motorola have resurrected their Moto X range which was thought to have been killed off to make way for the Moto Z and it’s back with a bang with the Moto X4. The new model is everything you’d expect from a Motorola device and you can find out all about it in this Moto X4 review.


Moto X4 Review: Features of new model

Firstly, it’s the design of this phone which catches the eye. Its metallic case is very striking as well as offering a great deal of protection. And speaking of protection it also has IP68 protection which means it is protected against sand, dust, dirt and water.

It’s not indestructible, but the Moto X4 can certainly withstand a few knocks and emerge unscathed.

The screen resolution is excellent on the Moto X4, having as it does a 5.2” HD screen with 3D glass. The screen has a home button with a built in fingerprint scanner as well as the usual onscreen buttons you would expect to see on a Motorola Moto X or Moto Z device. It also has a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone port.

The camera on the Moto X4 is very impressive. The front facing version has 5 megapixels resolution and also has a flash which is far from standard on mobile devices. The rear camera however is an impressive 12 megapixels and has two lenses which are both housed in one unit in the rear of the phone. It also has a powerful LED flash.

Battery life isn’t a problem with the Moto X4. It has a 3,880mAh battery with turbo charging facility, so you should never find yourself with a dead phone ever again.

The Moto X4 incorporates an Android operating system and contains a Snapdragon 660 processor. It has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of additional storage space. Rumour has it that there will be another version of the Moto X4 and that it will have 4GB of RAM and an impressive 64GB of storage.


Price and release date for the Moto X4

This Moto X4 review would be incomplete if it didn’t contain price and release information. The word on its release as that it will be happening on June 30th, although this has already been put back, but it’s promised that the phone will be on the market this year and all evidence points towards summer for this.

As for the price, there is no official information, but based on the price of other similar Motorola models it is expected to cost between £250 and £300, making it a solid mid-range mobile phone.

The Moto X4 proves that Motorola’s Moto X range is still alive and well and wasn’t usurped by the Moto Z, although a new Moto Z is actually coming this year too.

The Moto X4 is an incredibly solid offering and will delight fans of Motorola handsets as well as challenging the Moto Z for the prize of best flagship device. We will be updating the price for different countries as soon as we find out, you can check it here.